ports that should use CONFLICTS

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Fri Oct 10 06:28:30 PDT 2003

Hi Jeremy,

>> mezz7 at cox.net
>> - www/linux-opera conflicts with www/opera
>>   common files: bin/opera
>>   CONFLICTS= opera-7.21.*
> <snip>
> Umm, ok... I will wait for the 7.21 released[1] and I will try to make 
> the change from bin/opera to bin/linux-opera (include ~/.linux-opera and 
> share/linux-opera/).. So, can you get the www/linux-opera and www/opera 
> out of your mega-PR? If you have any suggest, just let me know.

It depends what your intentions as a port maintainer are, i.e. should opera
and linux-opera coexist or not. You could use CONFLICTS, USE_LINUX_PREFIX
or rename the binary, I can not judge what the best solution in your case
could be, that's what port maintainers are there for.

Anyway, thanks for caring about your ports

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