diablo-jre and libintl.so.4 problem

Nuno Teixeira nunotex at pt-quorum.com
Thu Oct 9 15:28:48 PDT 2003

Hello to all,

I'm using FreeBSD 5.1-p8 and I'm trying to install diablo-jre plugin in
mozilla and firebird.

I deinstall all packages that I have with `pkg_delete -a` and install
everything again from ports with portupgrade.

When I run mozilla or firebird I get the error:

LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library
[Shared object "libintl.so.4" not found]

If I reinstall everything the same error happens.

Does anyone know how to correct this problem?

I used to have the same problem with graphics/gview, but is was solved
when I reinstall everything.

Thanks very much,

		Nuno Teixeira


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