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Wed Oct 8 12:11:00 PDT 2003

On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 02:47:38PM -0400, Trevor S. Cornpropst wrote:
> 1. Is there an exemplary Perl port I could use for reference as the right way 
> to do it? There seems to be several different approaches.

There's no real "reference" port, but a quick look at my ports shows
that finance/p5-Business-OnlinePayment-2CheckOut shows most things. It
even has a post-patch to fix some 5.005_03 issues to confuse a new
porter :-)

> 2. During my testing of the port I discovered that a pure Perl type of module 
> install (perl Makefile.PL ... make ... make test ... make install) registered 
> the package with the FreeBSD package database. This is really cool and makes 
> life much easier. Is there a preferred method for creating Perl ports (i.e. 
> the standard FreeBSD ports way or BSDPAN)?
PERL_CONFIGURE should take care of all of these concerns.

If you want, you're welcome to send your port directly to me and I'll review and
give you some hints.


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