Request information from Perl port gurus

Trevor S. Cornpropst tcornpropst at
Wed Oct 8 11:47:40 PDT 2003

In the course of developing some applications where I work, I came across some 
Perl modules not in the FreeBSD ports. I decided to do the right thing and 
create FreeBSD ports for these modules. I have read the Porter's Handbook and 
I am following the recommendations for creating a new port and looking at 
existing examples in the ports tree.

1. Is there an exemplary Perl port I could use for reference as the right way 
to do it? There seems to be several different approaches.
2. During my testing of the port I discovered that a pure Perl type of module 
install (perl Makefile.PL ... make ... make test ... make install) registered 
the package with the FreeBSD package database. This is really cool and makes 
life much easier. Is there a preferred method for creating Perl ports (i.e. 
the standard FreeBSD ports way or BSDPAN)?

The only downside, I can see, to the BSDPAN way is it doesn't automatically 
install dependencies. Would someone please enlighten me?


Trevor Cornpropst

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