Some ports oddity under 5.1-CURRENT

Maxim M. Kazachek stranger at
Tue Oct 7 20:58:27 PDT 2003

My box runs 5.1-CURRENT #0: Wed Oct  1 15:39:40 NOVST 2003

I've expirienced some problems with ICQ clients, compiled with SOCKS5

licq-1.2.7 have troubles with build when SOCKS5 is used. It can be
relatively easy built by grabbing some more includes from socks5-1.0.11
and adding a line #define INCLUDE_PROTOTYPES ino config.h file
Looks like we're doing wrong job by removing those lines from main.c and
socket.c... Perhaps we need to make some changes to socks5-1.0.11 and
install some more include files, not just socks.h.
Next, we have problems with linking licq-1.2.7 just because it complains
about threading library. I've tried to specify -lpthread
-L/usr/local/lib/pth and it still leave some symbols unresolved. Next I've
tries to add -lthr. It compiles, but when I try to run it, it complains
about static LDT (on console) then complains about error 0 when tries to
search /usr/local/share/licq/utilities then just exits.

gnomeicu-0.99 compiles perfectly but seems just doesn't use SOCKS5.

cvsup works perfectly using SOCKS5, so socks5-1.0.11 is functional, IMHO.

P.S. Please reply directry because I'm not subscribed to this list

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