Please move some ports from CAD to science

Nakata Maho chat95 at
Tue Oct 7 20:44:25 PDT 2003

Hi, Pedro

> When I did some of the ports in the CAD category there was no science section
> and while they could fit in math, I considered CAD was the most similar
> category where they could belong. 
> Nowadays we do have a science category, and furthermore we have real CAD ports
> (basicly Aster and CalculiX) that are better suited for the CAD category. I
> suggest that the following ports are moved to science:
> felt
> femlab (the website for this doesn't exist anymore)
> freefem
> kaskade
> I also consider metis-edf should be in the math section, near to it's cousin
> metis. 
> This is all, of course, very subjective, so I won't suggest it again.
> cheers,
>     Pedro.

please do repocopy request. as I told before ( issue) :)

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