Trashed my machine via ports

parv parv_fm at
Fri Oct 3 18:07:52 PDT 2003

in message <20031003174111.GA1221 at>,
wrote Clint Olsen thusly...
> I ran pkgdb -F and in most cases I chose the default answers (not
> knowing a better alternative).  It would be nice if the dependency
> "score" information was more clear.

Here is my experience w/ pkgdb...

           Score  -- Action
          => 80 % -- Accept the default suggestion as is; do
                     a /quick/ visual inspection if the new
                     suggestion, more or less, literally,
                     *looks*like* the old one.  No need to actually
                     read the suggestion.

  65 or 70 - 80 % -- Read carefully before accepting the default.
                     At least, make sure that the port origins are

           < 65 % -- Definitely make sure that you want to use the
                     suggested dependency; skip if have slightest of
                     the doubt.

  - Parv


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