fixing shared lib paths

Jens Rehsack rehsack at
Fri Oct 3 03:42:18 PDT 2003

Clint Olsen wrote:
>>Try upgrading devel/gettext first :-)
>>Maybe a pkgdb -F from sysutils/portupgrade helps you, too.
> Well, I did replace gettext, and it installed a in 
> /usr/local/lib.  The problem (I think) is that ldconfig needs
> to be rerun, but I can't seem to make it do the "right thing".  This
> should be doable without a reboot...  Argh.

I updated my ports without having to reboot. Don't know what's
wrong with your machine. Usually ldconfig is run when a library
is installed/updated.

Did you prove your installed ports consistency using 'pkgdb -F'?

Did you maked all ports clean before you try to update them?

Did you forgot to cc ports@?


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