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On Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 07:21:55AM -0400, parv wrote:
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> > Who is the knucklehead behind the mplayer-skins port asking you 2-3 which

	As always, politeness and education go a long way. Please,
avoid similar remarks in future communications. Every communication
medium has its rules on proper acceptable behaviour, FreeBSD mailing
lists are no exception. For more information, on Netiquete and the
Internet, check

and other such websites.

	The Ports collection is an evergrowring collective work.
Both input and colaboration from our userbase are always welcome.

	If you know how to improve that particular port or any other
one; let us know. Patches are always welcome. :)

	The Porter's Handbook gives tips on ports work internally.
It should help you understand what can be done and point you on the
general direction on how to achieve what you desire with a given


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