firebird and xemacs locking up/crashing "in pairs"???

Olivier Tharan olive at
Fri Nov 28 04:30:07 PST 2003

* Palle Girgensohn <girgen at> (20031128 11:53):
> When switching workspaces using keyboard shortcut, if the mouse pointer is 
> placed so it is over two firebird windows, X cannot decide on which window 
> to focus, and switches focus between the two windows as fast as it can, 
> more than ten times / s, until I manually click a window title bar to force 
> focus. I've never seen this happen ever before, but I've not used gtk2 much 
> until now. See "image" for a clearer description :)  mouse pointer is the 

I've seen it happen many times on older versions of WindowMaker. I don't
know if that is still the case, nor in which conditions it happens
(basically when something unexpected occurs with a window manager, the
first suspect is the NumLock key :).


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