Scot W. Hetzel hetzelsw at westbend.net
Sat Nov 22 18:49:39 PST 2003

From: "Roger" <gpc-tech at monarch.net>
> Other than ...... this issue I have attempting to install apache13-fp
port, no matter
> what we try we cannot get it to work and I have spent a LOT of time
searching for
> answers and now even taken the time to sign up for this mailing list, he
suggests the
> problem is right within mod_frontpage.c itself, I tend to agree with him,
however I
> cannot figure it out by myself, and I've seen many reports that the
author's email is
> no longer even working, I dont have my notes here at work on the issues
but it
> generally seems to be files not copied where they are supposed to go, or a
link not
> allowing it to look in the right place for them.
There is no problem with the mod_frontpage.c code.

There could be a couple of problems with your installation:

1. You had another apache port installed before installing the apache13-fp

   a. edit the httpd.conf file and make sure that the frontpage module is
listed in the LoadModule/AddModule sections.

    b. Change the AllowOverride setting from None to AuthConfig Limit
Indexes Options for the default web.  Then run

2. Your trying to start the server with apachectl instead of
etc/rc.d/apache.sh.  The httpd-error.log will have a message saying that
this key file wasn't found and that the module was disabled.

    The frontpage extentions needs a security key to be generated, the
apache.sh script is used to regenerate this key each time the server is

What problems are you having with the port?


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