Suggestion to display date/time of port addition or modification

Jacek Pelka jacek at
Fri Nov 21 08:48:44 PST 2003

On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 04:36:09PM -0800, Peter Leftwich wrote:
> [2] I do not understand the usefulness nor see the "beauty" of the current
> method of installing ports.  Why must a user download elementary
> "instructions" for programs A, B, C, D, through Z when all he or she may
> want are programs P and Q which require libraries B, C, D, and E?  In
> other words, have the people in the know ever considered making it
> possible to download one tarballed directory, whose Makefile could figure
> out which other tarballed directories are needed and "fetch" them in
> sequence?  This seems far simpler than 19 megs of unnecessary files that
> may never be used possibly.  Thank you for listening, hopefully my remarks
> generate some discussion.
You can use cvsup method with refuse file to download ports collections
you want, for example all without x11-* ports.


W miejscu swojego zatrudnienia ma opinię negatywną, ponieważ ma
narzeczonego Murzyna, z którym się codziennie spotyka.

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