call for testers -- changes to libusb

John Reynolds johnjen at
Tue Nov 18 22:11:44 PST 2003

Hello -ports & -stable. Sorry for the cross-post, but it is appropriate as I'm
hoping to get the help of people running -STABLE (who might not be subscribed
to -ports).

I have an unchecked-in version of libusb-0.1.7 with patches to fix some
behavior problems. In short, it is alledged that the original port from Linux
to FreeBSD didn't need to "loop until done" in the bulk_read/bulk_write
functions as the Linux port does. For those interested, see the thread here:

The authors/contributors of the patch have tested it with gphoto[2] and many
different cameras. I have tested the patch with my own little pet port "s10sh"
and it seems to operate totally fine. However, I'm on (an outdated) -CURRENT
system and not longer have a -STABLE system to test with.

Please backup your currently installed package, delete libusb-0.1.7, fetch the
following .tbz

  fetch ''
  MD5 (liibusb-0.1.7_1.tbz) = c33b84b0f45cacea982a90553c8f323c

pkg_add it, and test your app that links to it.

Specifically I'm looking for anybody who is currently using an application
other than gPhoto2 or s10sh. I know that sane (or sane-backend) links to this
library, but I don't have a USB scanner so I have no way of knowing if things
are cool or not. Off the top of my head I can't remember other ports that
depend on libusb, but if you use one of them regularly, please test this.

If I get no negative feedback within a couple of days I will followup on
ports/58925 with a patch to bring in this patch until we can get the code
changes into libusb itself and 0.1.8 rolled (I can do the former, but not the



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