how to get freeBSD 5.1 pkg_add to install .tgz files

Loh John Wu ljwu at
Tue Nov 18 12:22:46 PST 2003

Well I had a 4.x system and I want to move to a 5.1 system.
I had some ports and packages that were on my 4.x system that I want on the
5.1 one.
I thought ports were never versioned?  Is there a split between
the 4.x ports and the 5.1 ports?  I tried to look for some
explanation about the differences between a 5.1 port and a 4.x port
but couldn't find any....

Does 5.1 not support tgz packages?
Like I have a verison of bash on my 4.x system that I wanted to put on 5.1
so I just did a pkg_ad on the new system but fails out.
I have also created some custom packages (tarballs with the pkg extras)
for my 4.x system which were gzipped.  Do I need to rebuild to packages to
use bzip2
for them to be usable on a 5.1 system?

What is the recommended method of putting new packages/ports on a 5.1


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On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 11:26:43AM -0500, Loh John Wu wrote:
> Hello,
> This is my first time using FreeBSD 5.1 and I noticed that pkg_add has
> changed in that it requires a bzip2 file?  Does it not support gzip files
> anymore?

A better question is why are you trying to add 4.x packages on your 5.x box?


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