MPLAYER -- missing symbols from libungif

Thomas E. Zander riggs at
Sun Nov 16 12:20:04 PST 2003

On Sun, 16. Nov 2003, at 14:23 +0100, Kay Lehmann wrote
according to [Re: MPLAYER -- missing symbols from libungif]:

> To Thomas (Maintainer):
> I don't know if there is a special reason in setting the configure 
> option, so maybe you could take a look at this?

No, there was no special reason, I've just done it for consistency
reasons....but obviously it broke the port consistency :)

In fact, it's a mean error in configure script which doesn't set the
internal GIF_LIB variable (containg the linker flags for libungif,
should be -lungif) if $_gif is something else than "auto".

Kay's solution is the one with minimum changes to the cvs tree, so
that's the way to go.

Patch has already been committed, thanks Joe.


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