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Autrijus Tang autrijus at
Sat Nov 8 03:53:19 PST 2003

?b 六, 2003-11-08 17:37, Matthew Seaman ?g?D?G
> Actually, the p5-DBD-mysql port already depends on mysql-client.
> Indeed, it understands three different flavours of mysql-client, which
> is a good thing.  As far as I can see there's no need for rt3 to
> depend on a specific version of mysql, so a dependency like:
>     BUILD_DEPENDS+= ${SITE_PERL}/${PERL_ARCH}/DBD/${PORTSDIR}/databases/p5-DBD-mysql
> should be sufficient.

Whilst I agree on principle, I'm also aware that the RT team has
deprecated Mysql 3.x for a while now, and Mysql 4.1 is not yet stable
(by first-hand experience) -- so 4.0 seems to be the only reasonable
version to use with RT.

I don't really know about the Postgres situation.


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