Marc Olzheim marcolz at
Tue Nov 4 15:53:59 PST 2003

On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 12:04:58PM -0600, Mark Linimon wrote:
> This is really two separate questions.
> The first is that non-maintainer updates for ports are indeed handled.
> There is, however, a substantial (over 500) backlog of them.  In a
> volunteer project, they'll only get done as fast as the volunteers
> get to them :-)

For which many thanks, of course.

> The second is more of a political question.  There is a procedure
> for removing maintainers who no longer show an interest in FreeBSD --
> in fact, this was done fairly recently for a number of folks who
> presumably no longer have time to work on things.  But again,
> to respect the fact that we really do want to make maintaining
> ports as little hassle as possible, this is something that should
> only be done after a long period of inactivity IMHO.

Would more than 1 year classify ?
I sent the PR because the current entry does not work with the new
python anymore, but there have been new versions of this program
for a longer period of time.

> Having said all that, perhaps you can get someone to commit your
> PR with a "maintainer timeout" annotation.

Well, since the maintainer does not reply to mail anymore, I'm
volunteering to take this one over, because I use the port myself...

> But believe me, there's a number of people (including me) who
> are trying to whittle down this huge backlog.  Although progress
> is being made, further patience is still called for.

This was not an attack to anyone, just my point of view. Another piece
of software I maintain is port-maintained by some one else and my PR for
an update did not have effect either. After the port-maintainer sent a
PR after that one, it was handled... (games/eif)

Knowing that you should be able to rely on a large group of users to do
stuff for you, I'd rather have me as maintainer for this port than
someone who doesn't read mail anymore...

Just a bit frustrated... ;-/


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