Mark Linimon linimon at
Tue Nov 4 10:04:59 PST 2003

> It seems that non-maintainer updates for ports are not handled, so I was
> wondering what is needed to replace a maintainer that doesn't reply to
> mail any more...

This is really two separate questions.

The first is that non-maintainer updates for ports are indeed handled.
There is, however, a substantial (over 500) backlog of them.  In a
volunteer project, they'll only get done as fast as the volunteers
get to them :-)

The second is more of a political question.  There is a procedure
for removing maintainers who no longer show an interest in FreeBSD --
in fact, this was done fairly recently for a number of folks who
presumably no longer have time to work on things.  But again,
to respect the fact that we really do want to make maintaining
ports as little hassle as possible, this is something that should
only be done after a long period of inactivity IMHO.

Having said all that, perhaps you can get someone to commit your
PR with a "maintainer timeout" annotation.

But believe me, there's a number of people (including me) who
are trying to whittle down this huge backlog.  Although progress
is being made, further patience is still called for.

Just the view from here IMHO.

Mark Linimon

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