"pkg install subversion" tries to install multiple subversion versions at the same time

Matthew Pherigo hybrid120 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 17:20:18 UTC 2014

Hi, please forgive that trainwreck of a title.

I'm on FreeBSD 9.2-release with the latest pkgng.

When I attempt to install the subversion package, the following occurs:
[root at Chiyochan-FreeBSD /home/matt/btsync/LinuxConfigStuff]# pkg install subversion                                                           Updating repository catalogue
The following 9 packages will be installed:

        Installing gdbm: 1.11
        Installing db42: 4.2.52_5
        Installing sqlite3: 3.8.2
        Installing neon29: 0.29.6_4
        Installing apr:
        Installing subversion: 1.6.23_2
        Installing subversion: 1.7.14
        Installing serf: 1.3.2_1
        Installing subversion: 1.8.5

The installation will require 53 MB more space

0 B to be downloaded

Proceed with installing packages [y/N]:

Of course, if I say yes, the packages run into conflicts with each other and fail to install. Specifying the latest version of subversion works around this problem. I can only speculate, but if this problem is not specific to my box, my guess would be that there's some sort of dependency tangle.


(How many versions could a subversion version if the subversion version was virgin?)

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