Max altq bandwidth 4.26 Gbit

Radek Krejča radek.krejca at
Wed Aug 10 12:38:42 UTC 2016

> I’d expect that ‘altq on $int_if cbq bandwidth 85% queue {
> default_nat.........’ would do what you want.
> Looking at the code, I’m not at all sure that it’ll end up working
> either, but it’s worth a try.
> Fundamentally, we’ll have to change pf (and worse, the interface to
> user space) to use 64-bit integers to carry bandwidth information, not
> 32-bit ones.
> Can you file a bug so this doesn’t get forgotten?
> > I have 10Gb line and I need to shape my client with exact bandwidth.
> > How can I manage with your advice?
> >
> You can only specify integer percentages (so 85%, not 85.5%), so I’m
> afraid you’ll lose some accuracy.

Hello again,

I have changed bandwidth to 100%, 90% or 95%. Syntax OK, but value stops at 1.27Gbit (it looks, that 1Gbit is default)

When I give ifconfig, I see:

media: Ethernet autoselect (10Gbase-SR <full-duplex,rxpause,txpause>)

It looks that "autodetection" of pf is broken to.

Thank you very much

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