pfsync errors

Rian Shelley rians at
Wed Sep 5 13:57:14 PDT 2007

As far as I can tell, am having the same problem described by bill
marquette. I have two firewalls using pfsync, where the secondary
firewall just increases its state count steadily.

I created a simple libpcap program to watch the pfsync headers flowing
by, and i see types 8, 4, 2, which are PFSYNC_ACT_UREQ,
PFSYNC_ACT_UPD_C, PFSYNC_ACT_UPD. I dont see any of type 3 or 5, which
are the ones that delete state. As far as i can tell, states are
pumped across the link, but never removed and are left to time out on
their own.

I'd like to add myself as another datapoint for this problem.
Currently I am getting about 15k send errors per second, and im up to
1.8 million states on the secondary firewall :D

# while true; do netstat -s -p pfsync | grep send\ error; sleep 1; done
                2096018860 send error
                2096036208 send error
                2096052950 send error
                2096070675 send error
                2096089621 send error
                2096106671 send error
                2096121646 send error
                2096138996 send error
                2096158012 send error
                2096177555 send error
                2096194727 send error
                2096216490 send error
                2096238626 send error

[root at secondary /]# pfctl -si
Status: Enabled for 1 days 00:06:01           Debug: Urgent

Hostid: 0x97bb3fdc

State Table                          Total             Rate
  current entries                  1877429

[root at primary /]# pfctl -si
Status: Enabled for 2 days 06:54:26           Debug: Urgent

Hostid: 0x85c326db

State Table                          Total             Rate
  current entries                   172889

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