replacement for nested tables?

Tobias Ernst tobi at
Tue Sep 4 12:18:30 PDT 2007


I am setting up a bridging firewall on FreeBSD 6.2 that has, among
others three interfaces: one for the internal LAN and two demilitarized
zones sharing the same subnet.

Now I want to have a convenient way to refer to any machine that is not
in one of the demilitarized zones. Here is my first shot:

# DMZ #1
DMZ1 = ","
table <dmz1_table> { $DMZ1 }

# DMZ #2
DMZ2 = ","
table <dmz2_table> { $DMZ2 }

# The internal lan
table <int_table> {, !<dmz1_table>, !<dmz2_table> }

This fails because nested tables are not supported. Sort of makes sense.
My next shot was

table <int_table> {, !$DMZ1, !$DMZ2 }

but this gives the wrong result because the "!" operator is only applied
to the first element in "DMZ1".

Is there any way to populate <int_table> with all IP addresses that are
/not/ in DMZ1 or DMZ2 without having to explictly repeat the addresses
of the machines in each DMZ?

I would prefer not to have any redundant "points of editing" in my pf.conf.


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