altq blocking all traffic (bridging problem?)

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Tue Mar 29 03:13:42 PST 2005


With the following simple ruleset pf is not letting any traffic in or 
out (it's a much much simplified version of the real ruleset I had 
prepared).   What am I doing wrong?

int_if = "sis0"
altq on $int_if cbq bandwidth 1200Kb queue { std_in }
queue std_in bandwidth 1.2Mb priority 2 cbq(default)
pass quick on lo0 all
pass  in on $int_if all queue std_in
pass  out on $int_if all queue std_in

If I take out the altq and queue lines it's working fine (as far as I 
can tell), but that's not much fun. :-)

My end goal is to set this Soekris 4801 box up with bridging to get a 
bridge doing packet shaping.  (I have a handful of real IPs at home, 
but they are bridged to my DSL provider rather than routed).   
Hopefully I can also make it do NAT and IPsec of the internal net to 
our internal net at the datacenter.

I'm using 5.3 as of a few days ago and the bridging patch[1] mentioned 

Speaking of that: What's holding that patch back from going into a the 
FreeBSD cvs repository?

  - ask



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