pfctl: DIOCGIFSPEED: Invalid argument

Robert Viau rviau75 at
Sun Nov 14 06:01:01 PST 2004

pflog0 shows up when you build with "device pflog".  I just built with options pf, so there is a /dev/pf, and everything was working but altq.
The reason altq wasn't working is because despite the man page implying you can do it the way I did, it actually has to be "altq on [interface] priq ...", not just "altq priq ...".
It might work the other way with CBQ, I'm not sure.

Pyun YongHyeon <yongari at> wrote:
On Fri, Nov 12, 2004 at 08:21:06AM -0500, Robert Viau wrote:
> Having some trouble with altq, here is all the
> information that should be required:
> su-2.05b# uname -a
> 5.3-RELEASE #5: Thu Nov 11 16:23:28 EST 2004 
> :/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/BEASTKERN i386
> su-2.05b# grep queue /etc/pf.conf | grep -v ^#
> altq priq queue { interactive, www }
> queue interactive priority 15
> queue www priority 14
> su-2.05b# pfctl -n -f /etc/pf.conf
> pfctl: DIOCGIFSPEED: Invalid argument
> su-2.05b#
> I can't figure out for the life of me what the problem
> is. I'm not using the queues at all yet (commented
> all that out to troubleshoot) so it doesn't look like
> it's due to an unsupported interface type or anything,
> but just in case, here are the interfaces on the box:
> su-2.05b# ifconfig -l
> ath0 bge0 bge1 em0 lo0 tun0 lo1

This may be stupid question.
Did you compiled in pf or load pf module?
ifconfig(8) didn't show pflog0 interface which should be listed
if pf was available.

> Any thoughts?
Pyun YongHyeon | yongari at

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