New CARP patchset against RELENG_5_3

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Sat Nov 6 07:34:14 PST 2004

+-le 06/11/2004 16:31 +0100, Max Laier écrivait :
| Hi,
| Søren Vrist was so kind to sent me a reject resolved version of the CARP 
| patchset now to apply cleanly against RELENG_5_3. It can be found
| (alongside  with the earlier patches) at:
| Now that 5.3 is done I think that I am going to commit this till the end of 
| 2004, provided you guys help with testing and provide me with feedback!
| Thanks a lot to Søren for standing up and doing the nasty reject resolve!

Yeah, you both rulez :-)))
I'm going to try that as soon as I can :-)

Mathieu Arnold

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