FreeBSD 9.1 vs CentOS 6.3

Bill Totman bill.totman at
Sun Mar 24 14:11:46 UTC 2013

On 3/23/13 3:44 AM, Davide D'Amico wrote:
> Il 23.03.2013 01:34 Paul Pathiakis ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> There are several things about this that are highly suspect.
>> First, wipe out the hardware RAID. The processor doing RAID
>> computation is, probably, MUCH slower than a core on the CPU. Even if
>> it's RAID-1 (Simple Mirror) this RAID card is performing tasks that is
>> does not need to do including replicating writes to two targets from
>> the controller or checking it's cache, battery, etc. If it's possible
>> to disable the onboard cache, do it.
> Hi Paul,
> thanks for your suggestions (some of them I've applied before starting 
> any consideration, like disabling all on-disk caches or controller 
> buffers) I'll try next monday.
> Anyway, the fact is that using the same hardware configuration 
> (raid1+raid10) I saw that a centos 6.x outperformed freebsd 9.1.
> Another test I made yesterday was: on the same hardware I installed 
> vmware esx 5.x and created a vm with centos inside it. The result was 
> really impressive: the centos vm outperformed the 'real' freebsd 9.1 
> too and checking vmware performances graphs I didn't see any huge need 
> for a massive throughput (I saw values from KBps to 10MBps), instead I 
> saw a big use of CPU (using OLTP tests with a concurrency of 32 
> threads it's performaces began to slow down).
So, what happened when you installed FreeBSD 9.1 in the VM? How did the 
'fake' FreeBSD 9.1 compare 1) to the 'real', and 2) to either of the 
CentOS installations?

> I don't know is using some magic value for HZ or setting some trick 
> with scheduler, I could gain something: I hope so, because I don't 
> want to "pinguinate" my farm :)
> Thanks,
> d.
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