FreeBSD 9.1 vs CentOS 6.3

Davide D'Amico davide.damico at
Sat Mar 23 07:44:34 UTC 2013

Il 23.03.2013 01:34 Paul Pathiakis ha scritto:
> Hi,
> There are several things about this that are highly suspect.
> First, wipe out the hardware RAID. The processor doing RAID
> computation is, probably, MUCH slower than a core on the CPU. Even if
> it's RAID-1 (Simple Mirror) this RAID card is performing tasks that is
> does not need to do including replicating writes to two targets from
> the controller or checking it's cache, battery, etc. If it's possible
> to disable the onboard cache, do it.

Hi Paul,
thanks for your suggestions (some of them I've applied before starting 
any consideration, like disabling all on-disk caches or controller 
buffers) I'll try next monday.

Anyway, the fact is that using the same hardware configuration 
(raid1+raid10) I saw that a centos 6.x outperformed freebsd 9.1.
Another test I made yesterday was: on the same hardware I installed 
vmware esx 5.x and created a vm with centos inside it. The result was 
really impressive: the centos vm outperformed the 'real' freebsd 9.1 too 
and checking vmware performances graphs I didn't see any huge need for a 
massive throughput (I saw values from KBps to 10MBps), instead I saw a 
big use of CPU (using OLTP tests with a concurrency of 32 threads it's 
performaces began to slow down).

I don't know is using some magic value for HZ or setting some trick 
with scheduler, I could gain something: I hope so, because I don't want 
to "pinguinate" my farm :)


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