FreeBSD 9.1 vs CentOS 6.3

Davide D'Amico davide.damico at
Fri Mar 22 10:06:50 UTC 2013

Il 22/03/13 11:00, Traffanstead, Mike ha scritto:
> May I ask why you're running ZFS on top of a RAID array?  That's not
> recommended.  One of the advantages of ZFS is that it balance disk
> activity across devices but when put it on top drives that at are
> already raided it loses that insight and may end up scheduling
> reads/writes that all land on the same device.  The only case where
> it's okay to do this is if you mirroring individual disks (e.g.
> several RAID-1 devices) and even that's arguable.
we tried different approaches to a /DATA partition (before trying using 
a ZFS /DATAZFS partition):

- an UFS partition (/DATA) on hardware raid10;
- a ZFS on hardware raid10;
- a ZFS mirror on two hardware stripes;

The UFS filesystems performed at 400MBps without any tweak while ZFS 
performed at 400MBps after tweaks.

So I don't think that these levels of performaces are related to file 


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