Phoronix comparision of HAMMER, UFS, ZFS, EXT3, EXT4, Btrfs

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Sadly, true.  They are a heavy Ubuntu supporting shop.  I always laugh at their 
benchmarks.  However, I may try their benches on FreeBSD against different 
tuning parameters on *BSDs, just to see where things are and see if there's any 
improvement or degradation depending on various settings.  (I'm kind of happy 
that Debian is realizing some of the shortcomings of the kernel and now have a 
FreeBSD kernel to put in. )  I'm always shocked at how few people realize that 
Cisco, Juniper, Yahoo, Nokia, Apple, NetApp, HP, Dell, etc (yeah, all those 
small names) use BSD and not Linux as their development platform or as their 
platform of choice.  (I'm still amazed that Google uses Linux but throws lots of 
money at SoC and FreeBSD - that's curious to me.  Of course, where does everyone 
get their IP stacks from including MS? :-) )  

After 22 years, I've realized just how much is lacking between people with Eng 
and Comp Sci theorists and the "certification" people who have a degree in 
liberal arts.  Someone tried to compare themselves to me recently and they were 
of the latter.  I smiled and put a simple automata machine on the board with a 
given input string and asked them what it meant.  Just a blank stare.  (I mean 
no disrespect to those persons who have gone beyond their degrees and dug into 
the nuts and bolts to learn this stuff - kudos to them as it's a harder row to 
hoe without the basis.)  

BTW, that company I mentioned in my previous post, same thing.  Lots of people, 
big egos, little ability.  People don't like it when you show up and, within two 
months, learn their proprietary product and prove to them it will never work 
after they spent 6 years and millions on development.  They trashed the project 
a year after I left.  (Their theory was sound but they wanted to build 
everything from scratch where most of it was already available as various FOSS 
due to the fact not one was a sysadmin and no one knew about technology 
available.  (Heck, when I want to know what's available, I go to ports and 
perform a search.  Then, I evaluate what's there and what's applicable.  After 
that, I google to see what else competes.  This is now the fourth company in as 
many years that has these types of developers/issues.  I don't see how any of 
them will ever be successful.)

I really have to get my own company up and running.  22 years of this, 
especially the last 5, has left me very jaded.  I wonder if the FreeBSD 
foundation will pay my salary and I can work on FreeBSD. (*sigh* it's nice to 


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On 7 January 2011 09:12, Paul Pathiakis <pathiaki2 at> wrote:

> This is almost laughable.  I'd like to know what parameters they were tuning. 
> I
> used FreeBSD with ZFS to make a point to people using Debian on EXT3, EXT4, 
> just two years ago.  They were interested in total throughput and TPS.  Well, 
> used the SAME MACHINE and rebuilt it from scratch with the same parameters
> except the filesystems and the last time I changed the OS to FreeBSD with ZFS.

Paul - Phoronix has a history of "performance benchmarks" that skew
*heavily* towards Linux and away from the BSDs, which is to say their
"benchmarks" are hardly indicative of Real Life.  I know I'm in for a
laugh any time I see someone reference one of their "performance
tests" regarding Linux/BSD.

Sadly, a lot of folks will look at that and say, "See? An independent,
non-biased review..."

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