Performance evaluation of PostgreSQL's historic releases

György Vilmos vilmos.gyorgy at
Wed Sep 30 18:09:50 UTC 2009

2009/9/29 Francisco Reyes <lists at>

> György Vilmos writes:
>  I've done a benchmark of recent versions of PostgreSQL's last five major
>> releases to see how performance has changed during the past years from
>> version to version.
> Thanks!
> Very interesting.
> Did you share it with the Postgresql list yet?
> I think they would find it very interesting.
> Any plans on doing simmilar tests with data that does not fit in memory?
> Also could you share what settings were used for postgres? Where any
> defaults changed? Effective memory, shared_buffers, etc... any of them
> adjusted for the machine's memory?
I've updated the article with the used config.

With this machine everything would fit in memory (72G disk versus 128 G RAM
:). Of course I could artificially limit it...


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