Disk Throughput test

Stephen Sanders ssanders at softhammer.net
Thu Oct 23 22:32:30 UTC 2008

Good point.  I plan to switch to 7.0, though the system is running the
ULE scheduler.

The cpu's are amd64.  I tested early on with bonnie++ and was getting
similar numbers to the application test.  It's a good idea to try it
again so I will.

The RAID is a RAID 6 as the application calls for data integrity though
I do plan on doing a RAID 0 test as well.  The array is something like
7TB total.


On Thu, 2008-10-23 at 22:16 +0200, Ivan Voras wrote:
> Stephen Sanders wrote:
> > FreeBSD 6.3
> > Dual Quad Core Xeon 5450 at 3Ghz
> FreeBSD 6.3 isn't very suited for your CPU. If your workload isn't
> completely CPU bound (i.e. if isn't Seti at Home), you will not only not
> make use of all 8 CPU cores but will probably get worse performance with
> 8 CPUs than with 2 CPUs. Upgrade to at least 7.0 and you'll probably
> need 7.1-BETA2 to maximally use your CPU.
> But if you don't have much IO contention it's probably not related to
> your problem.
> > 16GB RAM
> You're using the AMD64 version, right?
> > 3Ware 9650SE-ML / 256MB cache
> > 14 Seagate 750GB/7200RPM/ST375033ONS SATA drives
> Which RAID mode? What is the total size of your array?
> > We have an application that is streaming data to disk at the maximum
> > rate the controller can sustain.  The controller should be able to
> > develop something on the order of 600MB/s but we're only getting 450MB/s.
> Can you use something like bonnie++ to test your configuration?

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