ZFS, Dell PE2950

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Wed Apr 16 08:57:50 UTC 2008

Benjeman J. Meekhof wrote:
> Hi,
> I posted earlier about some results with this same system using UFS2.
> Now trying to test ZFS.  This is a Dell PE2950 with two Perc6
> controllers and 4 md1000 disk shelves with 750GB drives.  16GB RAM, dual
> quad core Xeon. I recompiled our kernel to use the ULE scheduler instead
> of default.
> I could not get through an entire run of iozone without a system
> reboot/crash.  ZFS is clearly labeled experimental, of course.
> It seems to die for sure around 10 processes, sometimes less (this is
> the end of my output from iozone):
>  Children see throughput for 10 readers          =  135931.72 KB/sec
>         Parent sees throughput for 10 readers           =  135927.24 KB/sec
>         Min throughput per process                      =   13351.26 KB/sec
>         Max throughput per process                      =   14172.05 KB/sec
>         Avg throughput per process                      =   13593.17 KB/sec
>         Min xfer                                        = 31586816.00 KB

Can you tell us how does this compare to UFS2 results you posted
previously? (since you used dd for UFS2 and now iozone for ZFS; what are
your conclusions?)

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