possible issues with Dell/Perc5 raid

David Touitou david at solexine.fr
Thu May 17 09:37:43 UTC 2007

Hello all,

Tom Judge a écrit :
>  From the boot messages you have included below it seems that you have a 
> Dell SAS-5i (Internal PCIe) controller and not a Perc/5[ie].
> The SAS-5 known to have very poor performance (1Mb/s 100%busy) under 
> certain loads (cvsup).

I have something that looks like the same kind of problem, on a PE860 
with SAS-5i and two SATA 160GB HD in RAID 1.

The server is a webserver and "top -S" shows very high CPU usage (idle is 
0%, user CPU is 40%, system CPU is 60%, interupt is 0%) when running 60 
concurents httpd threads...

I've browsed quite a bit arround this issue and ended in this thread 
(plus several other threads arround the same problem).

I've just realised Dell has released a new firmware on 17 of april 
(beware of long URL) :

Has anyone tried it ?


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