6.2 Stable + Mysql 5.0 poor performance

ivo tasev tasev at otel.net
Fri May 11 16:15:06 UTC 2007

Hi all,
i have machine with 2 x Quad Core Xeon cpu`s 2G ram and 4 3ware disks in 
raid10. There is 6.2 Stable on it and mysql 5.0 from the ports.

The mysql is installed with the following build options:

I`m using libmap.conf with this in it:

libpthread.so.2         libthr.so.2

This is what I have in my.cnf :

set-variable = key_buffer=1024M
set-variable = max_allowed_packet=64M
set-variable = thread_stack=1024K
set-variable = read_buffer_size=2M
set-variable = read_buffer_size=2M

set-variable = max_connections=350
set-variable = interactive_timeout=100
set-variable = wait_timeout=120
set-variable = max_user_connections=340

set-variable = query_cache_limit=1M
set-variable = query_cache_size=32M
set-variable = query_cache_type=1

set-variable = table_cache=1024
set-variable = thread_cache=128
set-variable = thread_cache_size=40
set-variable = thread_concurrency=16

I`m performing the following test with super-smack:
:~# time super-smack -d mysql  
/usr/local/share/super-smack/select-key.smack 10 10000

the results are:Query Barrel Report for client smacker1
connect: max=1ms  min=0ms avg= 0ms from 10 clients
Query_type      num_queries     max_time        min_time        q_per_s
select_index    200000  0       0       18599.71

I can achieve better performance even on my colleague`s  notebook with 
6.2 stable !?

I`ll be very thankful if someone can give me any ideas:)

best regards

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