wifi network performance with ath0 and hostapd

Sam Leffler sam at errno.com
Fri Jun 15 16:32:37 UTC 2007

Patrick Proniewski wrote:
> Hello,
> I've setup a little WLAN at home, using my freebsd box as an access point:
> - FreeBSD 6.2 (tag=RELENG_6_2)
> - DLink DWL-G520 PCI card (Atheros chipset)
> - hostapd configured with WPA
> The "client" is a powerbook G4 (Built-in 54-Mbps Wi-Fi, certified for 
> 802.11g and 802.11b interoperability) running Mac OS X 10.4.9
> The powerbook is 1.5 meters away from the Dlink antena, and ath0 is in 
> "mode 11g" and "pureg".
> The best transfer rate I can achieve is 3.1 MB/s from the powerbook to 
> the freebsd-box, and about 2.7 MB/s from the freebsd-box to the powerbook.
> Any idea how I could boost my transfer rates ?

Find athstats in tools/tools/ath and figure out why you're not seeing 
the expected throughput.


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