intel drivers vs. freebsd drivers

Jack Vogel jfvogel at
Fri Dec 21 14:26:51 PST 2007

On Dec 21, 2007 2:20 AM, Tom Judge <tom at> wrote:
> Patrick Proniewski wrote:
> > On 21 déc. 07, at 10:03, Gergely CZUCZY wrote:
> >
> >>> I've just discovered that Intel provides some drivers for the Intel
> >>> PRO/1000 Family on FreeBSD:
> >>> I was wondering: is there any point in running those drivers instead
> >>> of the freebsd ones, performance wise of course.
> >
> >> AFAIK these are the drivers that can be found in the base system as well.
> >> Intel's drivers are pretty fine, there's no need to write new ones.
> >
> > I've made a quick comparison between /usr/src/sys/dev/mii/e1000phy.c
> > (freebsd 6.2) and e1000_phy.c (as part of the em-6.6.6.tgz provided by
> > Intel), and the too files are quite different.
> > But well, I'm not a developer, and that's probably not significant.
> >
> > regards,
> > patpro
> Jack Vogel (cc'd) is the Intel developer that maintains the FreeBSD
> drivers. He should be able to shed more light on this question.
> Tom

I don't know what uses the mii code but my drivers dont :)

As for the Intel published version, its my same code but there tends
to be some varations due to the time involved in the machinery
within Intel to release something.

A couple years ago there was a pretty big gap between the
FreeBSD CVS code and the Intel, but since I took this job
I have been working hard to bring the two as close together
as possible.

For instance, right now the latest driver for 6.3 or 7.0 is
newer than that 6.6.6 driver.

In any case, I am the owner of both streams so you know
who to call if you have problems :)

BTW, I'm on vacation (home reading, relaxing, and playing
a lot of bass) so other than email don't expect anything from
me til 1/7 :)


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