intel drivers vs. freebsd drivers

Tom Judge tom at
Fri Dec 21 02:48:35 PST 2007

Patrick Proniewski wrote:
> On 21 déc. 07, at 10:03, Gergely CZUCZY wrote:
>>> I've just discovered that Intel provides some drivers for the Intel 
>>> PRO/1000 Family on FreeBSD:
>>> I was wondering: is there any point in running those drivers instead 
>>> of the freebsd ones, performance wise of course.
>> AFAIK these are the drivers that can be found in the base system as well.
>> Intel's drivers are pretty fine, there's no need to write new ones.
> I've made a quick comparison between /usr/src/sys/dev/mii/e1000phy.c 
> (freebsd 6.2) and e1000_phy.c (as part of the em-6.6.6.tgz provided by 
> Intel), and the too files are quite different.
> But well, I'm not a developer, and that's probably not significant.
> regards,
> patpro

Jack Vogel (cc'd) is the Intel developer that maintains the FreeBSD 
drivers. He should be able to shed more light on this question.


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