Performance 4.x vs. 6.x

Danial Thom danial_thom at
Sun Oct 15 13:29:11 UTC 2006

--- NOC Meganet <tec at> wrote:

> On Saturday 14 October 2006 17:13, Danial Thom
> wrote:
> > The fact that a processor has 2 cores doesn't
> > mean you have to use them, just like a MB
> with 2
> > sockets doesn't need both to be used. If the
> OS
> > is faster with 1 processor than 2, then you
> only
> > use one of the cores. The concept that you
> have
> > to fire up both of them just because they're
> > there is just stupid.
> >
> you also can pick yourself in one eye and still
> can see with the other or you 
> can cut one leg and hop around on the other,
> great ideas you have

Wait, this is interesting. So even though you can
demonstrate that for most large networking tasks
2 cores is actually slower than 1,  you still use
2 cores? Yikes.

All of the clowns that called themselves
networking gurus running MP systems in 4.x
continue to be clowns in general. I guess if you
don't understand the concepts, then you have no
chance of every being any good at anything

> so then your smart tip is running 4.11-UP on
> Tyan S4882D with 4 Opterons 8xx 
> dual-core? mhhh ... 

No, my smart tip is to buy hardware that suits
the operating system and the task. I can get
better performance than you with a single 2.8Ghz
opteron running 4.x for $1000 less per system.

If you use that hardware with Freebsd, you are a
clown, pure and simple, big red nose and all. You
just have no idea what you're doing and your
wasting either your or your company's money. If
you bought that hardward anticipating that 7+ or
8+ or whatever they're saying now might be able
to use it thats one thing, but wasting money on
big honking hardware that isn't faster than less
expensive hardware is just plain stupid.

> > Freebsd 4.11 is dead because of a stupid
> decision
> > but people who thought that MP would have
> been
> > working 2 years ago. They continue to not be
> able
> > to promise any scalability in the foreseeable
> > future, so maybe they need to revisit the
> > decision.
> >
> yes! and I also prefere horses with wagons
> instead of red V12 cars and even 
> this guys know that horses are better and put a
> horse into their logo ...

The fallacy of your analogy is that the red cars
can beat the  horse and buggy in a race.
Unfortunately, FreeBSD 6.x with 4 processors
can't beat 4.x with one, which is the entire
point of this thread.


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