Performance 4.x vs. 6.x

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Sun Oct 15 03:11:38 UTC 2006

On Saturday 14 October 2006 17:13, Danial Thom wrote:
> The fact that a processor has 2 cores doesn't
> mean you have to use them, just like a MB with 2
> sockets doesn't need both to be used. If the OS
> is faster with 1 processor than 2, then you only
> use one of the cores. The concept that you have
> to fire up both of them just because they're
> there is just stupid.

you also can pick yourself in one eye and still can see with the other or you 
can cut one leg and hop around on the other, great ideas you have

so then your smart tip is running 4.11-UP on Tyan S4882D with 4 Opterons 8xx 
dual-core? mhhh ... 

> Freebsd 4.11 is dead because of a stupid decision
> but people who thought that MP would have been
> working 2 years ago. They continue to not be able
> to promise any scalability in the foreseeable
> future, so maybe they need to revisit the
> decision.

yes! and I also prefere horses with wagons instead of red V12 cars and even 
this guys know that horses are better and put a horse into their logo ...

> "supporting" 4.11 only means making it work with
> new devices, not porting everything back. The
> only things necessary would be SATA and a bunch
> of NICs. Most MBs work with 4.x so its not a big
> maintenance project.

you just bought yourself your lifetime project, when do you start? 



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