Help with improving mysql performance on 6.2PRE

Jerry Bell jbell at
Thu Oct 5 16:24:06 PDT 2006

Many thanks to all who responded.  You are an incredibly smart group of

The recompiling without static yielded much better results:

2950# super-smack -d mysql select-key-mysql.smack 10 10000
Query Barrel Report for client smacker1
connect: max=1ms  min=0ms avg= 0ms from 10 clients
Query_type      num_queries     max_time        min_time        q_per_s
select_index    200000  0       0       51118.22

>From ~34k qps to ~51k qps is quite an improvement!

I always thougt that compiling something static increased performance, but
then that's probably true for things that have to startup and shutdown

Thanks again.

> Jerry Bell wrote:
>> I have a Dell PE2950 with 2 dual core 3.73Ghz processors and 4G of ram.
>> I've looked through some of the lists here and have seen super-smack
>> results in the 42k qps range on a 2 dual core opteron system.  I'm able
>> to
>> get up to about 34k with the wide at the back of my server whilest
>> rubbing
>> the side of it.
>> Here's what I've done:
>> built both mysql 5.0 and 5.1 from ports with build_static and
>> optimazations on.
>> changed the clock to TSC
>> added the following to my /etc/libmap.conf file:
>> [mysqld]
> [...]
> As Nick Evans said, you can't use static version of MySQL daemon if you
> want to use /etc/libmap.conf
> I tested both (static vs. dynamic with libmap.conf), dynamic with libthr
> performs much better than static on Dual Xeon 3GHz SMP system with 2GB
> of RAM.
> My /etc/libmap.conf is just
> [/usr/local/libexec/mysqld]
> Miroslav Lachman
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