packet drop with intel gigabit / marwell gigabit

OxY oxy at
Sat Mar 25 17:21:44 UTC 2006

what kind of details should i attach? to analyze the problem?

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> Lucas Holt wrote:
>> On Mar 24, 2006, at 8:12 AM, OxY wrote:
>>> hi guys!
>>> well, i changed my motherboard and CPU  from the
>>> asus a7v8x+amd 2000+ xp to
>>> the abit be7 + p4 2.4 (533fsb)  and the packet loss fell down from  8% 
>>> to 2%, but
>>> still have loss...
>>> loss coming when i have load.. i guess it decreased because of the 
>>> bigger resources.
>>> still waiting for tipps, hints, everything :)
>> I don't think you'll ever get down to 0% in your situation.  I  noticed 
>> in the initial post that you have  net.inet.tcp.inflight.enable=1 set. 
>> On my home network, turning that  off helped a great deal with samba 
>> traffic to my freebsd file server/ router.  It didn't seem to affect 
>> traffic to my webserver much, but  its very low traffic.  The problem 
>> with tuning on other people's  settings is that each workload is 
>> different though.
> Especially, when a user did not mention what network traffic condition and 
> system load
> cause packet loss, it is difficult to get insight of the problem. So, the 
> other thing in getting
> help in troubleshooting and performance tuning is to provide systematic 
> and more detailed
> information.
>> There might not  be a miracle hack to get this working how you want.  I'm 
>> sure the new  box is a bit better as I attempted some of the steps 
>> outlined by Jin  on my two machines.  (amd 2300+ w/ msi nforce2 512mb ram 
>> and P4  2.4ghz 1gb ram 533mhz fsb)  The P4 system was faster on all my 
>> tests  by quite a large margin.
> Just curious, were all your tests I/O related? 2300+ should over perform 
> P4 2.4GHz in some
> computation tasks.
>> I must admit, I didn't follow all of Jin's calculations.
> I had quite sloppy email since I did not intend to involve detailed 
> hardware discussion, but...
> For example, when I said that "cache design affects memory bandwidth [x1]" 
> is very vague.
> It really means: "cache design affects memory copy speed (except DMA)."
> Generally, if we talk access data between CPU and main memory, then 
> technically [x1] is right.
> If we talk to entire system design, theoretically, [x1] is wrong.
> I stand corrected for all such writing.
>    -Jin

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