mysql performance on 4 * dualcore opteron

Sven Petai hadara at
Wed Apr 5 14:26:07 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 08:31, David Xu wrote:
> Can you disable log-bin option in my.cnf to see if it is  a FS bottleneck
> when you are running update-smack ? please run Linux and FreeBSD
> with same hardware and my.cnf configuration, thanks.
> I know this is not very right, but it can be used to narrow down some
> kernel performance problem.

I can't test disabling log-bin option right now since those 8 core systems 
were shipped out to client today, but I will probably get access to some 
identical servers next week, so I will then test this and whatever other 
suggestions you people can come up with. 

Until then can we maybe consentrate on
 * why does 8 core machine get so awful select score without renicing mysqld
 * why is select result on linux >65000 q/s while fbsd can do only about 21000 

But the bencmark results that I stated for 8 core machines were done on 4 
_identical_ servers, with following operating system installations:
 server 1 - suse enterprise linux 9 with kernel 2.6.5-7.97-smp, mysql 
4.0.18-32.1, reiserfs
 server 2 - Fedora core with kernel 2.6.9-22-ELsmp, mysql 4.1.12, ext3
 server 3 & server 4 - freebsd 6.1 beta 4,generic-smp kernel, mysql 4.1.12_2 
from ports, ufs2 + softupdates, libthr
While it was not the very _same_ hardware, the machines were absolutelly 
identical in every aspect and fbsd results on 2 servers were identical within 
the limits of measurement error so it's rather unlikely that some hardware 
glitch can be blamed for the differences.
The mysql configuration file was also identical - default my-huge.cnf with 
max_connections change @

Hardware spec of those servers was:
 motherboard: Thunder K8QSD Pro
 hdd: scsi seagate cheetah 10K7
 ram: 8 * 3200 CL3 kingston ECC 1G
 cpu: 4 * opteron 870 (2Ghz dualcore)

Results for other UP and dual machines that I mentioned were given just to 
give some general feeling about scalability.

So just to state the 8 core results in a more concise manner:

smack       suse        fedora      fbsd 6.1b4
select        76857      67000      21000
update      10047      8072        4100

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