Eric Anderson anderson at
Wed Jan 12 08:11:21 PST 2005

Mike Tancsa wrote:
> Has anyone looked at the performance of a UP* system on RELENG_4 vs 
> RELENG_5 as an NFS and SAMBA server ?  I need to deploy such a box and 
> was wondering if someone has run through this exercise recently** ?
> I know quite often when the ugly asterisk laden word "benchmark" comes 
> up the rush of groans is deafening. But if you dont use benchmarking 
> programs as _part_ of the evaluation process, how do you determine what 
> will perform best for you ?

We have a handful of FreeBSD NFS/Samba servers that are heavily used (mostly 
NFS).  I have not directly compared 4.x versus 5.x with any tools, but I can 
tell you that a UP P4 box with 5.x is fast enough to support 500 P4's (linux) 
over NFS, with some tweaking.  I've started making all my FreeBSD NFS servers 
5.x.  I'm doing some tests today with iozone+FreeBSD 5.3+RAID5/50/10+local/NFS, 
so if others are interested, I can post the information up somewhere when I am 
done.  Keep in mind it's for in house information only, so I won't be taking 
performance testing requests.. :)

Mike - let me know if you want any tweaks that I've done for anything specific.


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