Mike Tancsa mike at
Tue Jan 11 14:15:50 PST 2005

Has anyone looked at the performance of a UP* system on RELENG_4 vs 
RELENG_5 as an NFS and SAMBA server ?  I need to deploy such a box and was 
wondering if someone has run through this exercise recently** ?

I know quite often when the ugly asterisk laden word "benchmark" comes up 
the rush of groans is deafening. But if you dont use benchmarking programs 
as _part_ of the evaluation process, how do you determine what will perform 
best for you ?

*Its not of interest to me if SMP makes a difference. The hardware is UP.
**I found some discussions from Oct / Nov of 2004, but that was related 
more to a bug in the em driver affecting RELENG_5 network performance

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