Apache 2 on FreeBSD 5.3

Rafał Banaszkiewicz rafal at junglist.art.pl
Sat Feb 5 06:04:24 PST 2005

>>What is currently the best (in terms of
>>performance) choice for Apache w/ PHP on FreeBSD? Which MPM should I
>>use? Does worker MPM use KSE on FreeBSD 5 and does it perform better
>>than prefork? What about perchild and threadpool? Or maybe I should go
>>back to Apache 1.3? Are there any sysctl or kernel tunings that I should

Try to use 'eaccelerator' from www ports tree (development od mmcache 
has stopped - this one is continuation). If you'll notice heavy loads 
this could probably help. I also suggest to read this 
http://httpd.apache.org/docs/misc/perf-tuning.html and this
http://talks.php.net/show/perf_tunning .
How many requests per second has your webserver ?

Rafał Banaszkiewicz

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