Apache 2 on FreeBSD 5.3

Lucas Holt luke at foolishgames.com
Fri Feb 4 07:44:55 PST 2005

Vladimir Vrzic wrote:

>On a FreeBSD 5.3 web server with a very high load, I recently switched
>from Apache 1.3 and PHP 4.3 to using 2.0 with the prefork MPM and PHP 5.
>I noticed a drop in perfomance. What is currently the best (in terms of
>performance) choice for Apache w/ PHP on FreeBSD? Which MPM should I
>use? Does worker MPM use KSE on FreeBSD 5 and does it perform better
>than prefork? What about perchild and threadpool? Or maybe I should go
>back to Apache 1.3? Are there any sysctl or kernel tunings that I should
What I find odd is that you switched two software packages and assume 
its apache's fault for the performance drop.  If you are just testing 
php code, it could very well be the php5 is slower than php4 for your 

 From my understanding prefork is recommended with mod anything in 
apache 2 right now simply because most modules link with non thread safe 

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