Some initial postmark numbers from a dual-PIII+ATA, 4.x and 6.x

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie at
Fri Feb 4 14:53:30 PST 2005

> I have the numbers below, but here are the conclusions: on this hardware,
> using a single ATA disk, there was no real measurable performance
> difference between UP/SMP, and 4.x/6.x -- 6.x came out slightly ahead on
> t/s, but not hugely so.  I take this to mean that the hardware was
> basically I/O bound on file system meta-data operations. 

Thank you for your tests Robert.  I don't want to consume your precious
time needlessly, but I would like to compare these results with 5.x
performances.  There are already many improvements in CURRENT that
will never be MFC'ed to RELENG_5 and this will show us if we can expect
RELENG_5 to be someday as effective as RELENG_4 and CURRENT are.

Jeremie Le Hen
jeremie at

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