raid backup

Michael Vince michael at
Thu May 27 17:35:56 PDT 2004

Maksymilian Wrzesinski wrote:
> Witaj Michael,
> W Twoim liście datowanym 25 maja 2004 (03:49:14) można przeczytać:
> MV> It seems that the the Nforce3 250gb from Nvidia has hardware based raid 
> MV> built into their chipset for motherboards with a lot of top shelf 
> i have checked some nforce2 ultra400 boards available at shops
> arround. it appears that those boards, like msi k7n2 Delta-ILSR,
> are only capable of having raid on SATA interface, because of
> only one IDE connector and two SATA's. will it support RAID based on
> one IDE and one SATA drive?

I believe the Nforce2 Ultra400 is the older version of the Nforce2 
chipset these motherboards would probably have an external taiwan based 
RAID controller chip on the motherboard, you want the Nforce2 
Ultra400-Gb based motherboard which would have RAID based purely from 
the nforce2 GB chipset.

These GB based Nforce chipsets are brand spanking new, I have looked 
around a bit on the web and I can only see 1 motherboard maker with a 
motherboard out based on them and thats for the Nforce3 Gb version

Probably be a few more weeks or maybe a month or 2 before you can buy a 
motherboard based on this chipset.

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