sender side Sbuf/Mbuf patch for 5.2.x is ready

Jin Guojun [DSD] j_guojun at
Fri Mar 5 16:40:11 PST 2004

The sender side patch for fixing Sbuf/Mbuf can be found at:

Patch is for both 4.x and 5.2.x. To apply patch:

bzip2 -d < smbuf.patch.tbz | tar -xf -
cd net-lion
./restore-src backup    # backup files will be modified to ???.org
                                        # patch will also backup them to
                                        # so this is not necessary unless you
need to modify them further

./        # apply patches

For more information about this patch, please refer to:

Hopefully, we can make this into 5.3-RELEASE.
Please test and verify it.

Patches are in    net-lion/FBSD-$R/ directory.

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