BSD 4.8 Mouse does not work

HarryH forHarryH at
Mon Mar 1 16:47:41 PST 2004

I just installed FreeBSD 4.8 on an old Dell machine.  The mouse in a Micro$oft two button "Mouse Port Compatible" mouse that has a PS/2 (small & round) connector.  I tried to set it up as a PS/2 mouse on the /dev/sysmouse (default) port.  It tests out OK when the sysinstall screen asks me to test it.  When I get into KDE, the mouse will not work.  It stays at the top of the screen and causes some of the GUI panels/small menus to flicker when it is moved.  I tried to install it as a Micro$oft serial mouse but no luck.  The mouse works fine when I was running Windoze and Solaris 9 on the same box.  Any tips/hints appreciated.


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